Urban Forest Management Plan

Protecting and preserving trees, shrubs and plants

A healthy urban forest improves our quality of life. Trees, plants and shrubs help clean the air, conserve energy, increase property values, and make Guelph’s neighbourhoods more beautiful and enjoyable.

Guelph is working to maximize the health and size of its urban forest, and is committed to having the highest tree canopy among comparable municipalities. To succeed, the City, residents, businesses and community groups must work together to help manage Guelph’s urban forest.

Guelph Tree Bylaw and tree removal application

Damage or destruction of any tree measuring at least 10 centimetres in diameter at 1.4 metres above the ground on lots larger than 0.2 hectares (0.5 acres) is prohibited without permission from the City. Trees on lots 0.2 hectares or smaller are not regulated by the City. Some trees are exempt from the bylaw and can be removed without a permit including dead or dying trees, trees posing danger to life or property, or trees impacted by unforeseen causes or natural events. Please refer to the full list of exemptions in the Tree Bylaw.

Emerald Ash Borer in Guelph

Guelph has a plan to manage City-owned trees affected by emerald ash borer including monitoring, treatment, removal and replacement of trees.

Learn more about Guelph’s emerald ash borer plan.

Documents and reports

Urban Forestry Management Plan – October 15, 2012 PBEE Report

Stakeholder and Community Presentations/ Workshops April 17, 2012

Using input from the community, several environmental groups and developers, the City has drafted an Urban Forest Management Plan that includes 21 recommendations to protect and promote a diverse and sustainable urban forest over the next 20 years.

Community members were invited to attend workshops held on April 17, 2012 to review, discuss and provide feedback about Guelph’s draft Urban Forest Management Plan before finalizing the plan and presenting it to the City’s Planning, Building, Engineering and Environment Committee later this year.

February 2012

Draft – Urban Forest Management Plan UFMP Report to PBEE Committee TD Green Streets Summary Report

February 2010

UFMP Status Chart

April 2009

UFMP Public Comments UFMP Stakeholder Roundtable UFMP Community Workshop 1 UFMP Community Workshop 2 UFMP Community Workshop Workbook

December 2008

Status of Recommendations of Urban Forest Management Plan

November 2007

Minutes of Council Meetings Staff Reports to Council Framework for the Urban Forest Management Plan 2008-2028

For further information or to be added to the public notification list, please call 519-837-5616 or emailplanning@guelph.ca.

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