Cycling Master Plan – Bicycle-Friendly Guelph

The Cycling Master Plan is a transportation planning document intended to guide the development of a cycling network throughout Guelph. The City of Guelph is committed to encouraging sustainable transportation options including cycling as a means of reducing traffic congestion and related emissions. Cycling and walking are also active modes that positively contribute to individual and community health.

The new Official Plan directs the Cycling Master Plan through the strategic goal of developing “a safe, efficient, convenient and sustainable transportation system that provides for all forms of travel including cycling and walking.” The Official Plan states that the city “will ensure that pedestrian and bicycle networks are integrated into transportation planning to: i) provide safe, comfortable travel for pedestrians and cyclists within existing communities and new development; and ii) provide linkages between intensification areas, adjacent neighbourhoods and transit stations, including dedicated bike lane space for cyclists on the major street network where feasible.”

To meet these policy objectives, the City launched the Bicycle Friendly Guelph Initiative, which proposes improvements to Guelph’s cycling infrastructure and culture. This program has the objective of tripling the city-wide cycling modal share of daily travel by improving the cycling network, enhancing road safety, fostering a better understanding among cyclists and motorists about sharing the road.

Cycling Master Plan Proposed cycling network

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