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Active transportation in Guelph

When Guelph’s active transportation network is complete in 2027, it will connect the city from north to south and east to west on a 54-km network of mostly off-road paths and trails. People of all ages and abilities will be able to use the network all year round.

Bicycle-friendly Guelph

Guelph is using education, enforcement, engineering, encouragement and evaluation to make it easier and safer for people to travel by bike.


Walk to School

The City of Guelph is a partner in the Wellington Dufferin Active and Safe Routes to School Committee (ASRTS). Partners include:

  • The Upper Grand District School Board
  • Wellington Catholic District School Board
  • Wellington Dufferin Public Health
  • Student Transportation Services Wellington Dufferin

The vision of the Committee is that walking, cycling and other active modes will be attractive, realistic and safe modes of transportation for school students.

For their health, safety, environment and community

  • Kids learn healthy habits and concentrate better in class.
  • One less car (yours) reduces traffic and parking problems in school zones.
  • Teach your kids about traffic safety.
  • Start a walking school bus; your kids make friends in every grade, and that can prevent bullying.

Adding sidewalks

We’re adding new sidewalks every year based on Guelph’s Sidewalk Needs Assessment Study. The Study reviewed guidelines for sidewalk construction, explored municipal best practices, developed criteria for ranking locations for new sidewalks, proposed an implementation strategy and cost estimate for completing the sidewalk network.

Here are the projects we are currently working on to address ‘missing links’ in Guelph’s sidewalk network:

Planning phase

Street Name Section of missing sidewalk Status*
Bristol Street Edinburgh Road to Roland Street (north side) Feasibility
Chadwick Avenue Alma Street to St Arnaud Street Feasibility
Holliday Street Bristol Street to 35m south of intersection Feasibility
Metcalfe Street Lemon Street to Palmer Street (east side) Feasibility
Nicklin Road Woodlawn Road West to Burns Drive Design
St Arnaud Street Bristol Street to Waterloo Avenue Feasibility
Stone Road West Scottsdale Drive to Hanlon Expressway (south side) Design
University Avenue West College Avenue West to Caledonia Street Design
Watson Parkway North 40m south of Fuller Drive to Davison Drive Feasibility
Watson Road North Watson Parkway North to York Road Design
Woodlawn Road West Elmira Road North to Imperial Road North Design
Woolwich Street 150m north of Woodlawn Road to City Limits Feasibility
York Road Victoria Road North to Watson Parkway Design

Status* definitions

Feasibility – We are undertaking preliminary investigations to determine whether the project is feasible.

Design – We are developing a detailed design for the project to determine how and when it will be constructed.

Construction phase

Street Name Section of missing sidewalk Status
Silvercreek Parkway North Woodlawn Road to Speedvale Avenue West Construction 2023-24
University Avenue East Braid Place to Lennox Lane Construction 2024-25

Since 2017, more than 14km of new sidewalk has been constructed to fill gaps in the network. Completed sections are listed below.

Street Name Section of sidewalk completed
Bailey Ave 30m east of Beattie Street to Freeman Avenue
Cityview Drive North Lee Street to 25m east of Grange Road (north side)
Cityview Drive North Grange Road to Lee Street (south side)
Couling Crescent Watson Parkway North to Severn Drive
Eastview Road Summit Ridge Drive to Watson Parkway North
Elmira Road North Tovell Drive to 80m north of intersection
Elmira Road North Speedvale Ave West to 100m south of intersection (both sides)
Exhibition Street 125m south of Division Street to Powell Street West
Goldie Avenue Memorial Crescent to 85m east of intersection (south side)
Gordon Street Property #1888 to Poppy Drive East (east side)
Gordon Street Gosling Gardens to 80m north of intersection (west side)
Grange Road Auden Road to 60m east of intersection
Grange Road 60m east of Auden Road to 55m west of Bradson Drive (north side)
Hanlon Creek Boulevard Downey Road to Laird Road
Huron Street Muller Lane to Steele Crescent
Imperial Road North Speedvale Avenue West to 100m south of intersection
Kathleen Street 80m south of Division Street to 210m south of Division Street
Kortright Road West 100m west of Gordon Street to Yewholme Drive (south side)
Laird Road Hanlon Parkway to Southgate Drive
Lee Street Breesegarden Lane to 30m north of Kearney Street
Lee Street Cityview Drive North to Breesegarden Lane
Princess Street 25m south of Division Street to Clarke Street
Ptarmigan Drive Niska Road to 30m south of intersection
Speedvale Avenue West Elmira Road North to Imperial Road North (north side)
Stone Road Gordon Street to Colborn Street (north side)
Stone Road Colborn Street to Oakdale Drive (north side)
Watson Parkway North Watson Road North to 85m north of Starwood Drive (west side)
Watson Parkway North Davison Drive to Watson Road North (west side)
Watson Parkway North 130m south of Couling Crescent to Eastview Road
Watson Parkway North Couling Crescent to 130m south of intersection
Watson Parkway North Watson Road North to Starwood Drive (east side)
Whitelaw Road Paisley Road to Shoemaker Crescent (west side)
Willow Road Elmira Road North to 100m east of intersection
Woodlawn Road 160m east of Arrow Road to 90m west of Nicklin Road
Woodlawn Road Arrow Road to 160m east of intersection
Woodlawn Road Silvercreek Parkway North to Arrow Road
Woodlawn Road Imperial Road North to Silvercreek Parkway North
York Road From western end to 35m west of Neeve Street

Guelph Sidewalk Needs Assessment Study

Guelph Sidewalk Needs Assessment Study Addendum – Metcalfe Street

Alternate formats of all documents are available upon request by calling 519-822-1260 extension 2791, in accordance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005