Property tax questions and answers

How do I prepare to move?

If you have a pre-authorized payment plan, please contact us by email at least 10 days before your next payment to cancel your plan. When selling or buying a property, your lawyer may require a tax certificate showing the status of a property’s taxes, such as the amount due, local improvement charges, and any arrears or penalties. When purchasing your property, please consult your lawyer to learn the amount of property taxes due. If you pay property taxes at your bank or financial institution (phone or online) please update your payment settings using your new roll number.

What if I got a bill for a property I don’t own?

If you sell your property, or the property changes ownership, please immediately send the property tax bill to the new owner or return it to the City of Guelph with the name of the new owner to avoid possible interest charges or late fees.

How does the City calculate property taxes?

Property taxes are calculated based on the assessed value of your property and include Provincial education taxes and Municipal taxes used to fund police, fire and ambulance services, roads, sidewalks, transit, parks, trails, museums, recreation centres, libraries, and all other City programs and services.

Learn more about the relationship between property values and property taxes.

Where do my tax dollars go?

For every dollar the City collects in property taxes, 17 cents goes to the province to fund education. The remaining 83 cents helps to fund City services and programs. In 2023, the City’s portion of property taxes, $292 million, is used to deliver services as shown below:

Local boards and shared services funding = 34.4%

Department / unit Percentage
Police 19.5%
Library 4.2%
Social Services 8.2%
Public Health 1.5%
Long-Term Care 1%

Corporate and governance services funding = 7.5%

Department / unit Percentage
Mayor and Council 0.4%
Corporate and Governance Services 7.1%

Capital funding = 10.6%

Public Services funding = 37.9%

Department / unit Percentage
Corporate Fleet, Corporate Facilities and Corporate Security 2.7%
Paramedics 2.8%
Fire 10.2%
Transit 8.3%
Recreation 1.5%
Parks 4%
Culture 2.6%
Roads and Sidewalks 5.8%

Infrastructure, Development and Enterprise Services funding = 9.6%

Department / unit Percentage
Engineering 2%
Solid Waste Resources 4.9%
Planning and Building 1.6%
Economic Development and Tourism 0.8%
Parking 0.3%

Why do I pay taxes for City services I don’t use?

All property owners help cover the cost of police, fire, and emergency services, libraries, recreation centres, roads, sidewalks and other valuable community assets. For example, businesses don’t have children, but a portion of their property taxes is used to cover the cost of public education; public education is an essential and valuable part of life in our community.

How much does the interim tax bill cover?

An interim tax bill can be as much as 50 per cent of your previous year’s total taxes. Your interim payment(s) will be deducted from your final bill.

Fees and charges

Tax documents

Description Fee
Tax certificate online $70
Tax certificate $90
Statement of account (no charge online) $30
Copy of a tax bill (no charge online) $30
Tax receipt $30
Search tax information (per property) $75
Local improvement property search $100
Title search $150
Commissioning – up to 2 signatures $35
Tax appeal application (Municipal Act Section 357 and 358) $50

Banking fees

Description Fee
Non-Sufficient Fund (NSF) administration fee $45
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) or banking payment error (one free change per year) $25
Mortgage company processing fee $10
Postdated cheque retrieval $30
Payment reversal fee $40 plus transaction costs
Refund request (one free request per year) $30

Changes to your tax account

Description Fee
Change pre-authorized payment plan or banking information (one free change per year) $25
Restart a pre-authorized payment plan (if cancelled) $25
Add a property to the tax roll $50 or 5.0% whichever is greater
New owner administration fee $35
New roll number administration fee $50
Transfer payments between roll numbers (one free change per year) $25

Accounts receivable

Description Fee
Collection transfer to tax letter $50
Interest on unpaid accounts receivable 1.5% per month

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