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City Hall is built to meet the LEED Silver Standard (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) set out by the Canada Green Building Council. Its use of local and eco-friendly building materials, efficient lighting, its green roof and its heating and cooling systems are just some of the ways to reduce the City’s use of water and energy and lower its environmental footprint.

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ServiceGuelph is a customer service initiative offered by the City of Guelph, making access to City information, services, and resources even simpler. The ServiceGuelph counter is located in City Hall, 1 Carden St, Guelph.

Services at City Hall

Services at City Hall

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Committee of Management for the Elliott September 3, 2019 Agenda
Committee of the Whole September 3, 2019 Agenda
Heritage Guelph September 9, 2019 Agenda
Council Planning Meeting September 9, 2019
Environmental Advisory Committee September 11, 2019
Upcoming meetings