Multi-Year Accessibility Plan

To implement the Corporate Accessibility Policy and Procedures we’ve developed a plan that explains how we will put into action the Policy over the next 5 years and through to 2021.

At the City, we adopt a coordinated approach to making our programs and services more accessible. We have two main priorities related to accessibility:

  • To meet the requirements of the AODA (2005) Standards for Customer Service and the Integrated Accessibility Standard Regulation.
  • To build awareness with City staff to support identifying, removing, and preventing barriers for people with disabilities.

To learn more about the City’s strategy for meeting its priorities related to accessibility, please see the Multi-Year Accessibility Plan.

Multi Year Corporate Accessibility Plan 2019 to 2024

Summary of 2016 to 2019 Multi Year Accessibility Plan Implementation

How are we doing on accessibility?

We welcome comments on the accessibility of our services. Contact us to share your feedback.

Alternate formats

All of the City of Guelph’s documents required under the AODA are available in accessible formats upon request. To request documents related to accessible customer service, our Multi-Year Accessibility Plan, or to request an alternate format of our Accessibility Policy, please contact the Accessibility Service Coordinator at [email protected], 519-822-1260 extension 2670, TTY 519-826-9771.

Teletypewriter (TTY)

Customers who use TTY can access all City of Guelph services with a single TTY number.  People who are Deaf, deafened, hard of hearing, or with speech disabilities can call 519-826-9771.

Previous accessibility plans

2009 Accessibility Plan

2008 Accessibility Plan

2007 Accessibility Plan

2006 Accessibility Plan

2005 Accessibility Plan

2003/2004 Accessibility Plan

The Accessibility Plan includes actions related to the following operational areas within City services:

  • General municipal practices
  • Communications/information technology
  • Human resources
  • Planning, Zoning Development and Public Works
  • Transportation and Traffic services
  • Parking and By-Law Enforcement
  • Recreation, Leisure, and Neighbourhood services
  • Riverrun, Museum, Library
  • Facilities, Property and Project Management
  • Housing (this area is not under jurisdiction of Municipality)
  • Tourism and Economic Development
  • Fire and Police Services