Wellness Strategy

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Wellness: Physical, Social, EmotionalDuring the Corporate Values review process in 2007, employees identified strongly that wellness was important to them; thus resulting in it becoming one of the organization’s new values. The City’s People Practices Strategy has further identified what is required to work toward to achieve a well workplace. Several objectives and proposed actions were established, including “A wellness strategy that addresses the physical, social and psychosocial needs of employees, and maintains and enhances the current commitment to employee health, safety and wellness.”


The wellness strategy will:

  • Support the City’s strategic plan Objective 5.6 – “Organizational excellence in planning, management, human resources and people practices, recognized as a top employer in the community”
  • Assist the organization to deliver on its Corporate Value promise of wellness for our people
  • Provide employees with opportunities to demonstrate the behaviours associated with the Corporate Value of Wellness
  • Contribute to, complement and build upon the efforts of other City programs to realize:
    • Improved employee morale, engagement and productivity
    • Enhanced organizational culture
    • Health benefit cost containment
    •  Reduced absenteeism and turnover


Programs, activities and services will be delivered by established committees (e.g. Joint Health and Safety, Recognition, Wellness) and human resources staff to address each of the behaviours associated with the Corporate Value of wellness as follows.

Wellness associated behaviour Current programs and activities Programs and activities in development
Recognize each other’s contributions
  • Say Thanks program
  • Employee appreciation activities
  • Retirement gifts
  • Recognition tool kits for leaders
  • Themed potluck kits
Encourage development
  • Career development
  • Tuition assistance
  • Performance Development Plans
  • Corporate core curriculum
  • Departmental training
  • Leadership development program
  • Learning policy
  • Full corporate core curriculum and associated activities
  • Succession management program
Seek life balance (health and well-being)
  • Physical health programming (e.g. skating, walking, yoga, Pilates, boot camp, on-site massage and reflexology)
  • Social/Emotional health programming (e.g. life issue seminars, hobby workshops, clubs)
  • Healthy lifestyle education and awareness resources (seminars, articles, external links, support programs e.g. Weight watchers at work, Biggest Loser competition)
  • Personal Health Management services and programming (e.g. Return to Work case management, audiometric testing, hepatitis and flu clinics, Healthy you assessments)
  • Maternity/paternity leave top up
  • Employee discounts
  • Fitness facilities
  • Wellness account
  • Healthy food options at work
  • Improved employee lounge space
  • Formalized flexible work arrangements
  • Updated vacation policy
  • Updated sick leave practices
Interact respectfully
  • Corporate Values
  • Respectful workplace policy/training
  • Diversity strategy
Commit to a safe environment
  • Safety policies
  • Joint Health and Safety Committee
  • Mandatory health/safety training
  • Violence Prevention Program
Not applicable
Support each other
  • Recognition Program tools and activities
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Employee Assistance Program training for leaders
  • Performance Development Plans
  • Team development services from Organizational Development
  • Increased employee involvement in decision making
  • Team support model
  • Change management model
Take pride in what we do
  • Performance Development Plans
  • Recognition Program tools and activities
  • Making A Difference Report
Not applicable
Be enthusiastic, have fun
  • Recognition Committee activities (e.g. appreciation events, freezie breaks)
Not applicable