Committee of the Whole

Committee of the Whole meetings

Alternate formats are available as per the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act. Please contact the Clerk’s Office at 519-822-1260 extension 5603.

About Committee of the Whole meetings

Committee of the Whole (Committee) facilitates the decision-making process of Council. The Committee is comprised of all members of Council who fully participate in debate and forward recommendations to Council for final decision. The Committee is an important forum for policy debate and public input on issues within Council’s area of responsibility.

  • Committee of the Whole meets on the first Tuesday of each month at 2 p.m. in the Council Chambers, City Hall, 1 Carden Street, Guelph.
  • The three service areas (Corporate Services; Infrastructure Development, and Enterprise Services; and Public Services) within the Corporation, as well as matters related to Audit and Governance, will report to the Committee of the Whole on a bi-monthly basis.
  • Chairs for each of the service areas are elected by Council to preside over the Committee of the Whole meetings when their respective service area items are being addressed.
  • Agendas for Committee of the Whole are posted the Thursday two weeks prior to the meeting.
  • Draft minutes are posted as soon as they are available and final minutes are posted once adopted by Council.
  • Similar to Council meetings, Committee meetings are broadcasted via our live stream.

Committee of the Whole Terms of Reference

Procedural Bylaw