Transportation Master Plan

Transportation Master Plan update

However you travel, transportation planning helps get you there faster and easier

Our transportation network is our city’s circulatory system; it’s what makes Guelph move. Transportation master plans helps shape how we travel to our destinations, and how goods are delivered to our businesses.

Whether you walk, ride a bike, take a bus, drive a car or use another form of travel, Guelph’s transportation system is built for you. A great transportation system benefits all users and offers a variety of connected modes of travel: from car to train, foot to taxi or bike to bus, for example.

We’re exploring transportation options to make our city move better in every way

The Transportation Master Plan update will look at transportation planning in Guelph and surrounding areas to 2041. The plan will define how Guelph’s transportation system will evolve, grow and adapt as the way we travel changes over time, and as our community continues to grow.

We’ll be looking into how new and evolving technology and travel services will shape the future of transportation in Guelph, and how to use our existing transportation services and infrastructure more efficiently.

Your input is a valuable part of this process

We want to hear from everyone no matter how or how much you travel. Throughout this planning update, you’ll have an opportunity to participate in the process in-person or online, including through open houses and online surveys. We’ll also come to you at events and other places you already visit.

These opportunities will be posted under our Updates tab, and advertised through social media ( and, print ads in the City News section of the Thursday edition of the Guelph Mercury tribune, and on the City information page at Guelph Today.

Why update the Transportation Master Plan?

The 2005 Guelph–Wellington Transportation Study was developed to assess transportation needs in the Guelph–Wellington area and to identify specific transportation improvements for the 2005-2021 planning period. The update of the Transportation Master Plan will set the direction for sustainable transportation planning for the next 24 years, and includes accommodating expected growth in Guelph.

According to the Province’s growth plans, which shape land use planning and development in Guelph, our population is expected to increase from 121,700 (2011) up to 191,000 in 2041, with employment increasing from 71,800 jobs (2011) to 101,000.

The update of the TMP will set a direction for sustainable transportation planning to accommodate the expected growth in Guelph.

What’s involved in a transportation master plan update?

Planning to 2041 means anticipating changes to the transportation system over the next 24 years. Our Transportation Master Plan must considers all possible drivers of change over this period, and be resilient to them. This includes looking at the impact of emerging transportation technologies such as ride hailing, ride sharing, and connected, autonomous, electric and shared vehicles.

The Transportation Master Plan update will see the integration of policies related to walking, cycling and transit use, and the updated plan will also provide a recommendation for a transportation network that will inform future updates of the Official Plan, the Cycling Master Plan, the Transit Growth Plan, and other development– or travel– related plans.

The updated Transportation Master Plan will also include a review of provincial transit and highway initiatives that affect inter-regional travel patterns.

As part of the Transportation Master Plan update, the City will:

  • Review and update the vision for transportation in Guelph;
  • Analyze how Guelph’s transportation system has changed over time, and how this affects changes in travel patterns and behaviours;
  • Make transportation planning even more integrated with other City plans; and
  • Include the community throughout the process through updates and engagement.


Reports and open house materials related to the Transportation Master Plan update will be posted here as they become available.


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