Transportation Master Plan

Moving Guelph Forward – Transportation Master Plan Update

Our transportation network is like the skeleton of our city: it provides the structure that strengthens and defines the shape of our city. It also transports us and our goods and services anywhere we need to go, providing the routes for us to travel by foot or bike, bus or car, train or truck.

A great transportation system benefits the entire community and offers a variety of travel options to suit our individual needs and abilities.We’re exploring transportation options to make Guelph move better and achieve a safe, efficient and reliable system for everyone. The Transportation Master Plan Update shapes how we travel and how goods move to and from our businesses.


Project launch (Q2 2019)
Needs assessment research (Q3/Q4 2019)
Policy background review and existing conditions analysis (Q4 2019-Q3 2020)
Community engagement: background and existing conditions (Q3/Q4 2020)
Community engagement: problem statements and alternative solutions (Q4 2020)
Community engagement: feedback on draft preferred solution (Q1 2021)
Confirm preferred solution (Q2 2021)
Community engagement: draft implementation plan (Q3/Q4 2021)
Final transportation master plan (Q1 2022)

Updating the plan

The updated Transportation Master Plan will define how our transportation system will support the community as Guelph continues to grow. The update will look at transportation planning in Guelph beyond 2031. The main objectives are:

  1. to ensure the new plan is consistent with current policies, including the Official Plan and other master plans that have been approved since 2005;
  2. to recommend new policies and guidelines that reflect our community’s vision and that balance mobility, environment and efficiency while prioritizing safety and access for all travellers, and
  3. to explore how new and evolving technologies and travel services will shape the future of transportation in Guelph.

For more information

Jennifer Juste, Project Manager
Engineering and Transportation Services
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