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Integrated Talent Blueprint

The Integrated Talent Blueprint is just that, a blueprint for how the City will build and manage our people. Building upon, and replacing, the People Practices Strategy, the Talent Blueprint is a plan that integrates and aligns with the Corporate Strategic Plan. By focusing resources and energy on key priorities and actions, the City will be able to continue to engage a diverse, high performing and innovative group of employees.

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Strategic Plan

The Corporate Strategic Plan serves as an important tool for setting priorities, making decisions, and managing operations for years to come. It is meant to inspire the residents of Guelph and the employees at the City to consider how we can make a difference, in our neighbourhoods and in the world.

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Making a difference

The most important aspect of “Making a Difference” is our people, therefore thinking about and planning our workforce for now and in the future is very important. From big projects like the Community Energy Plan to small ones like the production of your Guelph Community Guide, the City of Guelph is making meaningful differences that affect both life at home and the big picture.

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Leadership Charter

The City of Guelph leadership team, including Union Presidents and employee stakeholders have collaboratively developed the City’s Leadership Charter. This Charter identifies leadership commitments- a series of expectations for being a leader at the City of Guelph. New and existing leaders will be expected to demonstrate the behaviours associated with each commitment.

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Awards and achievements

The City of Guelph is committed to excellence in the provision of services to the Community. The awards exemplify
how the City continues to Make a Difference with efforts that are recognized.

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Human Resources Annual Report

Our Annual Report provides a summary and analysis of the people activity related to employment at the City of Guelph.

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Labour relations

The City values the work of our employees and the services they provide to our community. The City administers seven collective agreements with various unions. Our goal is to offer fair, equitable and competitive compensation packages for employees, by negotiating agreements that are affordable for Guelph taxpayers.

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