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Council establishes committees and boards as a way for residents to provide input and make recommendations on matters that affect the entire community. We rely on volunteers to bring their diverse backgrounds and expertise to participate on these boards and committees.

Advisory committees, local boards, agencies, commissions and associations help the City of Guelph listen and learn how to make Guelph a more inclusive, connected and prosperous city. As a local government, we’re reflecting on our role, and the values that guide us to ensure our community is a welcoming place for everyone. Priority will be given to applicants of equity seeking groups.

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A Governance Framework for Advisory Committees of Council (ACOC)

In November 2023, City Council approved the new Advisory Committees of Council (ACOC) Governance Framework, a set of guidelines for all our ACOCs developed as a result of a collaboration hosted by the Guelph Lab, between the University of Guelph and the City Clerk’s Office.

The “full version” of the ACOC Framework includes important ideas, details, rationales, and instructions for each component of the Framework. The “Short Version” of the Framework provides a summary and can be used for quick reference.


Learning opportunities:

Whether you are a first-time volunteer or have years of experience you will:

  • Learn more about local government.
  • Engage with local government to provide advice.
  • Give back to your community.

How to apply to serve on a board or committee

If you’re interested in applying to serve on a board or committee, select vacancies in the chart below, click on the board or committee you’re interested in, and select apply to submit an application.

To apply to serve on boards that operate interpedently of the City (such as the Guelph Public Library Board or Guelph Police Services Board), click on the name of the board below to be taken to that local boards website

Local Boards and Advisory Committees

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