Community Engagement Framework

The City of Guelph Community Engagement Framework sets the standard for how Staff across the City design, implement, and evaluate community engagement—the practice of involving you in decisions related to matters that affect you and that you can meaningfully influence.

Our Framework was first approved by Council in 2013. In 2022, a comprehensive review of our Framework and community engagement practices was completed.

During the review, we heard the aspirations of the 2013 Framework were still relevant, but we had work to do to consistently meet them.

We also heard our approach needed to address important issues related to inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility; reconciliation; anti-racism; and conditions coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Finally, as we spoke with other municipalities, we heard about how Guelph’s 2013 Framework was an inspiration—a signal of municipal leadership in meaningful public participation in local democracy.

The revised Community Engagement Framework responds to these opportunities. It affirms the City’s commitment to building relationships with and engaging community members from equity-denied groups and who have diverse living and lived experiences. It confirms the City’s commitment to being a municipal innovator in pursuit of Guelph becoming the most engaged city in Canada.

The Community Engagement Framework consists of several elements that work together. Over time, new elements will be added to address evolving needs.

  • The Community Engagement Policy is the backbone of our Framework. It communicates:
    • the purpose behind community engagement,
    • the principles we use to approach community engagement, and
    • roles and responsibilities.
  • The Community Engagement Charter is our promise to the community. It outlines the process and principles we use when delivering community engagement.
  • The Community Engagement Honorarium Policy ensures consistent provision of honoraria to persons with living and lived experience and members of equity-denied groups the City seeks to engage.