Guelph Transit Fare Strategy

The City is working to update Guelph Transit’s Fare Strategy, a detailed plan for fare programs, policies, pricing, payment options and structure that will set the course for Guelph Transit over the next 10 years. The final strategy will include a review of our current fare system, guidelines to inform future decision-making, updated and detailed policies and recommended changes to the fare structure, programs and pricing.

The Fare Strategy review will not engage on interregional fares, sponsorships for pay for fare programs, altering eligibility for subsidized transit fare, student fares and changes to service plans.

Community engagement

Between March 21 and April 10, 2022, we collected feedback on the Fare Strategy from the community. You helped us learn:

  • How you think we can structure our fares
  • What fare programs make transit more accessible
  • How changes to fares can improve transit
  • How to increase ridership starting at the fare box

We engaged all of Guelph, whether you ride transit now or not, along with businesses and employers. Your feedback is being used alongside data from municipal comparators, best practices in the industry and staff expertise to develop the draft strategy.

Background information


  • March 2022 – Comparator research
  • March 21, 2022 – Online engagement launches
  • April 10, 2022 – Online engagement closes

Strategic connections

We heard from the community that protecting the environment and being able to move freely are important to Guelph. A new Fare Strategy will ensure we’re future ready and meeting the City’s strategic priorities to Sustain and Navigate our Future.

Updating our fare strategy gives us the opportunity to explore new programs that will get more people riding transit, meet the needs of our growing city and help meet the City’s and community’s climate change goals.

For more information

Courtney McDonald, Manager
Transit Business Services, Guelph Transit
519-822-1260 extension 2708
[email protected]