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Downtown Parking Study

Over several months, we explored how we can create a future-ready parking system in downtown Guelph. To do this, we updated the Downtown Parking Master Plan (originally approved in 2015). The update helps us plan for how we build, finance, and operate our current and future parking system.

We have now completed the update to the Downtown Parking Master Plan. This update went to Council on September 26, 2023, for review, discussion, and approval. The new Downtown Parking Master Plan addressed the changes coming to downtown Guelph over the next several years including the arrival of Conestoga College and the continued activation of the streets with the seasonal patio program. It also focused on the City’s strategic plans as stated in the City’s Housing Pledge, the changes to the Official Plan, and the goals of the Transportation Master Plan. The new master plan is available for review below.


Current Plan

Downtown Parking Master Plan: Committee of the Whole, September 6, 2023

Downtown Parking Master PlanTechnical appendicesCouncillor question and answer sessions

Previous Plan

Downtown Parking Master Plan Update – 2021-307 information reportDowntown Parking Master Plan Accomplishments 2015 to 2021Downtown Parking Master Plan update (2018), page 307Downtown Parking Master Plan (2015)Parking Master Plan map

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