Parking Master Plan

Parking Master Plan downtown Guelph

While population is growing, our infrastructure has not. Public parking infrastructure in Guelph’s downtown has not increased since 1983, when Guelph’s population was only 70,000. On-street parking and parking lots in the downtown core are currently at capacity. To accommodate downtown population and employment growth targets, Guelph needs an extra 1,300 to 1,700 parking spaces by 2031. As a result, the City of Guelph updated the Downtown Parking Master Plan in 2018. This plan will assist Guelph in ensuring there is enough parking for people living, working and visiting downtown.

In addressing Guelph’s parking needs, the City has various goals:

  • Building new capacity;
  • Maintaining existing parking infrastructure;
  • Creating supportive policy;
  • Planning for future requirements.

As a result of this updated plan, the City has increased capacity by opening a new parking garage. In October 2019, the new Market Parkade opened in downtown Guelph. It offers 500 parking spaces, electric vehicle charging and secure bicycle parking.


Downtown Parking Master Plan Update – 2021-307 information report

Downtown Parking Master Plan Accomplishments 2015 to 2021

Downtown Parking Master Plan update (2018), page 307

Downtown Parking Master Plan (2015)

Parking Master Plan map

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