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You can report a problem on the spot, attach pictures or videos, and get updates about the City’s response.

Report an problem in 6 easy steps

  1. Click “Proceed as guest”
  2. Select a category
  3. Click on + Report a problem
  4. Describe the problem (add a photo to help us locate the problem and include your email address to get updates)
  5. Select a location
  6. Click on Report It


The GeoDataHub provides one-stop access to the City of Guelph’s searchable open data and open information, together with open dialogue, as part of City’s commitment to enhancing transparency and accountability.

Popular maps

Printable maps

Transit maps

Map Last Updated
List of transit schedules and maps September 2017

Street maps

Map Last Updated
City of Guelph Street Map February 2020
Downtown Guelph street map March 2013

Attractions and points of interest

 Map Last updated
Guelph Visitor Map April 2022

Trail Maps

Map Last updated
All Guelph trails January 2009
CNR Spurline Trail May 2013
Downtown Trail Map May 2013
Eramosa River Trail January 2009
Hanlon Creek Trail October 2000
Laura Baily Memorial Trail  January 2009
Silvercreek Trail October 2000
Speed River Trail May 2013
Watson Creek Trail March 2013
Guelph Cycling map May 2021


Map Last updated
Benchmarks March 2020

Truck routes

Map Last updated
Permissive Truck Routes April 2012
Permissive Truck Routes – Half Loads April 2012

Ward maps

Map  Last updated
Ward boundaries July 2021

Waste Collection Map

Map  Last updated
Waste Collection Map January, 2017

Winter control maps

Map Last updated
Primary and Secondary Salt Routes October 2016
Residential Sand Routes November 2015
Sidewalk Plowing Routes November 2016

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