Office of the Chief Administrative Officer

The Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) is the most senior official in the City’s administrative structure. The role is appointed by and reports directly to City Council for the policies and programs delivered by City employees. The CAO is supported by three Deputy Chief Administrative Officers who make up the City’s Executive Team.

Plans and projects

Corporate Administrative Plan

In September 2016, City Council endorsed a Corporate Administrative Plan that focuses on long-term benefits and results for the community and will make best use of the City’s assets to build a solid foundation. The plan puts a renewed focus on our operations—making sure our people have what they need to deliver exceptional public service.

The plan sets out three goals:

  • Service excellence: delivering quality service and showing results
  • Financial stability: managing our resources to achieve maximum public value
  • Innovation: modernizing how the City works

Learn more about Guelph’s Corporate Administrative Plan

Guelph Community Plan

We have an opportunity—together—to set the stage for a strong, welcoming and prosperous Guelph for future generations. A Guelph where everyone has a sense of belonging, can access essential services, and earn a good living. A vibrant city that provides the best possible quality of life.

We can achieve this together through a united community plan.

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At the City of Guelph we’re growing a culture of innovation and service modernization across all City departments. Here are some of the ways we are delivering on that priority.