Community Road Safety Strategy

The Community Road Safety Strategy (CRSS) is a high-level road safety plan for Guelph. Road safety impacts all members of the Guelph community, regardless of their ability, age, or mode of transportation. The CRSS looks at all of the ways we move: walking, cycling, riding transit, using a mobility device and driving.

Road safety has been consistently identified by the Guelph community and City Council as a top priority, and the CRSS will help address this priority by developing a plan to tackle it citywide.

The CRSS will provide a range of holistic road safety measures, such as education campaigns, enforcement strategies and infrastructure modifications for roads that do not to meet the thresholds for road safety measures set out in the Traffic Calming policy. As part of this project, we will also update the Traffic Calming policy to address road safety concerns across Guelph in a fair and consistent way.

Community Road Safety Strategy

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