Prosperity 2020

In November 2008 Guelph City Council committed to the development of a new ten-year Economic Development and Tourism Strategy for Guelph — Prosperity 2020.

Prosperity 2020 will support the City of Guelph’s vision of being “the city that makes a difference”, and the strategic goal of having “a diverse and prosperous local economy.”


Phase 1

Phase 1 is intended to describe and assess the context and foundations shaping economic growth prospects for the City of Guelph. It identifies the business sectors driving economic growth to 2006 (most current Census information), those expected to continue to do so into the future, and the City’s competitive advantages and disadvantages.

Phase 2

The Phase 2 Economic Development & Tourism Strategy will provide direction, priorities and performance measures for the transformation of Guelph’s economy over the next decade and beyond.

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Task Force

The role of the Task Force was to provide advice to focus the development of a new ten-year Economic Development & Tourism Strategy.

Statement of Principles

The Task Force has developed a Statement of Principles that articulates the opportunities that Prosperity 2020 should address. The authors of the Prosperity 2020 plan will use the Statement as a guiding document in their work.

This Initial Statement of Working Principles is intended to provide a foundation for discussion and the ultimate definition of Prosperity 2020 an Economic and Tourism Development Strategy for the City of Guelph. It is termed “Initial” to indicate it is open to further consideration and refinement through discussion with the community. Development of the Prosperity 2020 strategy itself will identify specific strategic themes and directions. The Working Principles are organized under seven headings:


Guelph will provide leadership in realizing innovative solutions to the economic, social and environmental challenges of the times, in a manner that will continue to set the City apart from other communities.


Guelph will provide responsive and accountable governance that establishes priorities, seeks the highest return to investment of limited resources, and monitors performance against benchmarks.


Guelph will develop its economy and effectively manage its waste, water supply and energy usage ensuring both sustainable growth and a healthy environment for future generations.


Guelph will embrace its cultural heritage and offer unique experiences to its residents and

Regional Economic Development

Guelph will seek collaboration with other communities on initiatives that mutually benefit local and regional economies.

Education and Workforce

Guelph will provide educational and employment opportunities across industries ensuring long term economic diversification, competitiveness and stability.

Land Development

Guelph will manage its land supply to ensure the City can accommodate high yield economic growth and offer a diverse range of housing.

The Team

Project Consulting Team

Malone Given Parsons Ltd.

John Genest is the primary contact with the Project Steering Committee and will lead the project phases through to completion. He is partner with Malone Given Parsons Ltd. with over 20 years experience in the management and execution of assignments in land use and strategic planning, growth management, economic development, municipal finance and feasibility studies for recreational, commercial, industrial and residential projects.

Douglass Legg is Director, Western Canada and a senior associate of Malone Given Parsons Ltd. His 20 years experience includes projects in social and economic research and analysis, feasibility and market analysis, risk and sensitivity analysis, survey research and strategic plan and policy development. He has extensive tourism experience and knowledge and will contribute to the tourism assessment and development component of the project.

Lynn Morrow Consulting

Lynn Morrow is a public policy consultant, professional planner and Principal of Lynn Morrow Consulting. Lynn has over two decades of experience in policy and strategy development and is experienced in working with boards, staff and stakeholders to build consensus and foster partnerships. Lynn will lead the consultation component of the Economic Development & Tourism Strategy.