Wilson Farm Park Master Plan

Park implementation

The park is now complete and open to the public, as per the master plan approved by Council below.

Wilson Farm Park location map


Wilson Farm Park is located at 80 Simmonds Drive in the Northern Heights Subdivision at the north end of the City and has street frontages on Simmonds Drive, Kinlock Street, Webster Street, and Ingram Drive. (See location map above). The parkland has an approximate area of 1.57 hectares (3.88 acres) and has been zoned as a Neighbourhood Park (P.2 Zone). The park name refers to the first owner of the land, one of Guelph’s original settlers.

Wilson Farm Park Master plan

The City Council – approved park master plan includes the following elements:

  • Children’s Play Area with Junior and Senior Play Structures and Swings
  • Shade Structure
  • Unlit Multi-purpose Sports Field (available for bookings)
  • Winter Ice Rink / Mown Grass Area for Informal Play
  • Deciduous and Coniferous Plantings
  • Pathways
  • Site Furniture: Benches, Garbage Receptacles and Bike Rack
  • Park Identification Sign

Area trails

The approximate locations of existing and proposed multi-use recreational trails in the neighbourhood are shown on the Location Map. These were approved by City Council as part of the Guelph Trail Master Plan. The trail from Simmonds Drive to the Speed River Trail is complete. The connection from this trail to the stormwater management area is also complete. New plantings next to the pedestrian bridge are part of environmental restoration efforts in the area. Please keep foot traffic, bikes and dogs off this area to allow the plants to grow and become established.

Wilson Farmhouse

Wilson Farmhouse is a City-owned, two-storey farmhouse, built in about 1880. The building measures 2,263 square feet. Currently, 80 Simmonds Drive is zoned P.2 Parkland. In 2005, the City acquired the farmhouse as part of a parkland dedication in the Northern Heights subdivision.

On May 21, 2014, Guelph City Council passed a resolution to allow for the demolition of the farmhouse.

As per the Council resolution, the land area surrounding the farmhouse will be retained as parkland and Park staff will integrate the parcel into the Wilson Farm Park Master Plan.

For more information about the park

Helen White, Park Planner
Parks and Recreation, Community and Social Services
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