Community Investment Strategy

What is the Community Investment Strategy and why does the City need one?

The City works with and supports many local organizations in the community to improve the wellbeing of Guelph residents.

This means that the City provides funding, in-kind support and enters into partnerships with a number of local not-for-profit organizations to achieve a variety of community and social goals.   These organizations participate in everything from organizing sports and recreational activities, staging vibrant arts and culture events to meeting the most basic human needs by securing food and shelter.

The Community Investment Strategy project will provide the City with a clear strategy for investing in local organizations and the work that they do.  The project will also find new more effective investment programs and tools, and will give City decision-makers and the community as a whole more information about how successful these efforts are.

What does the Community Investment Strategy mean to my organization?

The aim of the strategy is to improve the way the City works with local organizations, making the approach more responsive to local needs, consistent and clear. The way that local organizations currently seek support may change (i.e. applying for a grant). Any organization that currently has an arrangement with the City will be notified of any changes in good time if they arise, and all efforts will be made to work with these organizations during the implementation phase to minimize any impact.

How was the Community Investment Strategy developed?

The project has included reviewing the City’s current approach and assessing how effective it is; looking at and learning from other municipalities; conducting research about local organizations including their experiences of receiving support from the City; and inviting input from different individuals and organizations that have an interest in this work.

Three research reports have been produced which summarize the findings and learning to date

A Portrait of Guelph’s Community Benefit SectorPromising Practices in Municipal Community InvestmentInventory of Guelph’s Community Investment Policies and Practices

What’s happening now?

In September 2012, Council approved the new Community Investment Strategy and the development of five new Investment Mechanisms Community Investment Strategy – Phase 2 Report.

  • Wellbeing Grant Program
  • Community Benefit Agreements
  • Facility Rental Discount program
  • Innovations Fund
  • Small Dollar Waiver program

The roll out of these mechanisms will take a number of years to complete. Updates on each of the mechanisms will be posted on the website as they become available.

For more information

Alex Goss
Manager of Community Investment
Public Services
519-822-1260 extension 2675
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