Parks and Recreation Master Plan

The Parks and Recreation Master Plan (PRMP) is a Council-approved strategy that guides how we plan, design, fund, build and maintain Guelph’s parks and recreation system.

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Parks and recreation are essential to everyday life in Guelph. To be future-ready, Guelph needs parks, facilities and programs that are sustainable, inclusive, adaptable and have a built-in ability to respond to a growing and diverse community. The City needs to connect people to each other, healthy living and the environment.

There are six core values guiding our work to achieve this vision:

  1. A healthy and vibrant community is supported through parks and recreation
  2. All people can participate in recreation
  3. Parks and recreation facilities are welcoming and meaningful places for all people
  4. Infrastructure is maintained, sustainable and responsive to community changes
  5. The natural environment is protected, restored and responsibly managed
  6. The Parks and Recreation departments work together with the community

Staff will implement the 97 recommendations from the plan over the next ten years and beyond.

Park Plan

Guelph Park Plan: Guiding our future parkland system

The Park Plan is a parkland needs assessment that was ratified by Council on April 15, 2022, in advance of the comprehensive Parks and Recreation Master Plan (PRMP). This was to address time-sensitive legislative changes to the Parkland Dedication Bylaw required before September 2022.

The Park Plan is a component study of the PRMP.

Parks and Recreation Needs Assessment

The Parks and Recreation Needs Assessment was completed as part of Guelph’s Parks and Recreation Master Plan (PRMP) to identify gaps and opportunities among the City’s indoor and outdoor recreation facilities. The purpose of this assessment was to recommend evidence-based provisioning of park and recreation assets so the City can allocate appropriate resources toward these facilities through the budget process. All of the recommendations in the Needs Assessment have been carried forward into the Parks and Recreation Master Plan.

The Parks and Recreation Needs Assessment is a component study of the PRMP.

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