Tax bills and due dates

View your bill or make changes to your account

To create or log in to your account, you will need:

  • the property address
  • the property roll number

Find your property tax roll number and access code

Once logged in you can:

  • Get your property tax information and account balance
  • Sign up, change or cancel pre-authorized payment plans
  • Sign up for e-billing
  • Change your mailing address or contact information
  • Print tax statements and bills

If you pay on instalment due dates, you will get two bills a year; an Interim tax bill and a Final tax bill.

In February, the City sends your interim tax bill based on MPAC assessed property value and a portion of the previous year’s tax rate.

  • First instalment due: last banking business day in February
  • Second instalment due: last banking business day in April

If you have a monthly pre-authorized payment plan, or your mortgage company pays your property taxes, you will get a final tax bill showing:

  • Your total annual taxes
  • The amount of your final payments

In June, the City sends the final tax bill (after the provincial government sets the education rate in the spring)

  • Third instalment due:  last banking business day in June
  • Fourth instalment due: last banking business day in September

Your bill stub should indicate whether you have a pre-authorized payment plan or pay through your mortgage company. If it does not, please contact us to ensure we have the proper information on your account.

Supplementary and omitted tax bills are sent separately.

Supplementary or omitted tax bills

You will get a separate tax bill after new construction or property improvements. If you are planning to build a new home or building, or making improvements to your property, you can expect to receive a supplementary assessment and tax bill.

After you build or complete renovations, it may take up to three years for MPAC to update your property assessment. After you receive a Notice of Assessment from the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC), the City calculates any additional property taxes due based on:

  • when the property improvements were made
  • the updated property value since making those improvements

You may receive a supplementary/omit tax bill for the current year and up to two preceding years if:

  • A new building or improvement increases the property value
  • A property becomes liable for taxation in a different property class

These bills are sent separately from your regular tax bills. Please pay any supplementary or omitted tax bill by the due date.

If you’re on an instalment due date payment plan, the supplementary or omitted bill amount is included in the total amount due on the due date.

If you’re on a monthly pre-authorized payment plan, your current plan now includes the supplementary or omitted bill. The updated schedule on your supplementary or omitted bill outlines the remaining payments for this year and the first five payments for next year.

Supplementary and/or omitted assessments are issued under the authority of Section 34 and 33 of the Assessment Act. Municipalities must issue the bill at least 21 days before the due date.

Late tax payments

Interest on unpaid taxes is added the day after the due date and the first day of each month thereafter. Payments are applied to outstanding penalty/interest and late fees, then to the oldest outstanding taxes

Any taxes remaining unpaid after December 31 of each year will bear interest at the rate of 1.25% per month (15% per year). Penalty and interest charges on overdue amounts cannot be waived or altered

Additional fees may apply to outstanding taxes. Please contact us for advice about managing late or overdue tax payments. We may be able to arrange a monthly payment plan and minimize interest charges and late fees.

Interest, late fees and charges

Description Fee
Interest on unpaid taxes 1.25% per month (15% per year)
Notice on arrears over $100.00 $15
Warning notice – before tax sale registration $50
Final notice – before tax sale registration $75
Tax sale extension agreement fee $500
Tax sale registration initial administration fee – when sent for registration $200
Tax sale registration administration fee – when registered $300
Tax sale registration administration fee – when advertised $300
Tax sale tender package $20

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