Downtown Guelph Streetscape Manual, Built Form Standards and St. George’s Square Concept

The transformation of Downtown is a fundamental component of Guelph’s overall long term sustainable City-building vision. Over the next years, the City will be making significant infrastructure investments in the Downtown, both to support anticipated new growth and to replace existing, aging infrastructure. Over 16 months in 2013-2014, the City undertook a collaborative, community-based process to update these design documents resulting in:

  • A Downtown Streetscape Manual, which implements a flexible street approach on key streets Downtown, and which creates streets that provide an attractive, accessible and safe environment for all modes of transportation (walking, cycling, vehicular). 
  • Downtown Built Form Standards that provides clear design direction for private and public investment and development in the Downtown. 
  • Vision, principles and general design elements illustrated by the Conceptual Design for St. George’s Square.

These documents are part of the planning for the significant renewal of the downtown to create a more socially and economically vibrant place, and to reinforce its role as a major destination and an emerging urban neighbourhood.

Council adopted these documents on August 25, 2014.

Section 1.0 Introduction

Section 2.0 Streetscape Manual

Section 3.0 Built Form Standards

Section 4.0: St. George’s Square Conceptual Design

Built Form Standards Evaluation Checklist

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