Older Adult Strategy

It is projected that by 2031, Guelph will have almost 53,000 adults aged 55 years and older,
representing 30% of all residents. That’s close to 23,000 more older adults than in 2011! The
impact of this demographic shift on the design and delivery of municipal services presents both
opportunities and challenges.

In November 2012, City of Guelph Council approved the Goal, Vision and Guiding Principles of an
Older Adult Strategy (OAS). The Strategy was developed based on extensive consultations, using a
framework consistent with the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Dimensions of Age-Friendliness.
Guelph is committed to becoming age-friendly in each of these areas. The OAS includes 64
recommendations, including 6 foundational, and 58 that relate to the WHO domains.

Source: Global Age-Friendly Cities: A Guide. World Health Organization, 2007

8 domains

World Health Organization

  • Transportation
  • Housing
  • Respect and social inclusion
  • Social participation
  • Civic participation and employment
  • Communication and information
  • Community support and health services
  • Outdoor spaces and public buildings
20 of 64

recommendations have been acted on so far.

Social participation

Guelph will offer facilities and programs that allow older adults to participate in recreational and social activities as they age


Older adults in Guelph will have access to a range of public, private and community-run transportation services and are accessible, safe and affordable.

Communications and information

In Guelph, older adults and those who care for them will have easy access to comprehensive, timely and clear information regarding services and supports relevant to them.

Community support and health services

Guelph will be a community known for offering health and community services that fully support the well-being of older adults.


For older adults in Guelph, housing is available, affordable and supported sufficiently to allow them to choose where they will live as they age

Respect and social inclusion

In Guelph, all older adults will be treated respectfully and included fully in social life.

Outdoor spaces and public buildings

Buildings and outdoor spaces in Guelph will be safe, accessible, and appropriate for older adults.

Civic participation and employment

Guelph will be a place where older adults can contribute to the health of the economy and the community by actively participating in paid and unpaid work.


“Guelph is a great place to live and age well”


Guelph is an age-friendly community that:

  • Values and supports older adults
  • Optimizes opportunity for choice, independence, and quality of life
  • Celebrates diversity
  • Is inclusive of all, reducing inequities

Guiding principles

The City of Guelph will ensure that all services, polices and programs are designed, delivered and resources, where feasable, using the following guiding values and principles:

  • participation and inclusion of all citizens
  • respect and dignity
  • active engagement in communication and decision making
  • access to a safe living environment
  • fairness and equity
  • self determination and choice

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Age Friendly Guelph Project Specialist,
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