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People in Guelph use 30% less water than the average Canadian

Guelph is the largest community in Canada that relies almost completely on groundwater for our water supply. Compared to other cities near rivers or lakes, Guelph’s water supply takes longer to replenish, and is more vulnerable to overuse.

Water is important and Guelph takes water conservation seriously. Guelph residents use about 166 litres of water a day (2021). The Provincial average is 172 litres a day, and the Canadian average is 215 litres a day (2019).

Guelph uses rainwater to wash our buses

Guelph takes water conservation seriously, and with the help of $2 million from Ontario’s showcasing water innovation program, we use 25 per cent less water (1.9 million litres) a year, reducing the burden on our stormwater management systems and, since rainwater is naturally soft, we use about 25 per cent less soap too.

Guelph’s rainwater harvesting bus wash won a Water’s Next Award in 2017.

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