Source Water Protection Program

Guelph is in the Grand River watershed. Guelph’s source water protection policies are part of the Grand River Source Protection Plan which is, in turn, part of the Lake Erie Source Protection Region. The City of Guelph and the Lake Erie Source Protection Committee invited residents, businesses and organizations to provide information about, and receive feedback on the Grand River Source Protection Plan as it was developed.

Grand River Source Protection Plan

The Grand River Source Protection Plan establishes the policies and programs for managing significant drinking water threats and identifies:

  • the approach to policy development
  • who is responsible for taking action (the implementing body)
  • timelines
  • how progress will be measured

Guelph/Guelph-Eramosa Tier 3 Water Budget Study

The goal of the Guelph Guelph/Eramosa Tier 3 study is to measure current and future sustainability of municipal drinking water systems in light of municipal growth and climate change.

Annual reporting

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