Current development applications

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Search the links below to learn about proposed development applications in Guelph. Original documents are available for viewing at City Hall.

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Current development projects

1-15 Stevenson Street North and 8 William Street Zone changes
1023 Victoria Road South – Kortright East Phase 4 Subdivision, Zone changes
1131 Gordon Street Zone changes
115 Watson Rd N Official Plan, Zone changes
1159 Victoria Road South Condominium, Subdivision, Zone changes
1300 Gordon Street Official Plan, Zone changes
132 Clair Road West Subdivision, Zone changes
139 Morris Street Zone changes
171 Kortright Road West Active Development Files
1820 Gordon Street Subdivision, Zone changes
1888 Gordon Street Official Plan, Zone changes
1897 Gordon Street Zone changes
19-59 Lowes Road West Zone changes
20 & 37 Cityview Road North Subdivision, Zone changes
200 Chancellors Way Zone changes
233-237 Janefield Avenue Active Development Files, Official Plan, Zone changes
33 Arkell Road Zone changes
360 Woolwich St/15 Mont St Zone changes
388 Arkell Road Official Plan, Zone changes
46, 47 & 87 Hyland Road Subdivision, Zone changes
55 Delhi Street Zone changes
635 Woodlawn Road East Official Plan, Subdivision, Zone changes
671 Victoria Road North Active Development Files, Zone changes
7 & 9 Eden Street Active Development Files, Zone changes
71 Wyndham Street South Zone changes
745 Stone Road East and 58 Glenholm Drive Zone changes
75 Dublin Street North Official Plan, Zone changes
781 Victoria Road South – formerly 50 Stone Road East Official Plan, Zone changes
816 Woolwich Street Zone changes
89 Beechwood Avenue zoning change Active Development Files, Zone changes
Administrative Amendment to Zoning By-law (1995)-14864 Active Development Files
Guelph’s updated Official Plan now in effect City Hall, Official Plan, Planning and Building
Open house: Draft Built Form Standards for Mid-rise Buildings and Townhouses Community, Official Plan, Planning and Building
Paisley/Imperial Mixed Use Node Official Plan, Zone changes