Corporate GIS Strategic Plan

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) has become commonplace within municipalities and can be viewed as the centralized system to access and view information stored within any corporate application/database. Although the City of Guelph has been benefiting from this technology through its existing GIS, it was time to review all aspects of how GIS was being utilized, funded and governed while identifying the future needs and direction for the corporation. These documents illustrate how GIS is being transformed from a departmental tool to a corporate solution.

Volume I provides the foundational information for the Corporate GIS Strategic Plan as it documents all of the Departmental Needs Assessment Findings.

Volume I: GIS Strategic Plan Needs Assessment

Volume II builds off the information derived in Volume I and delivers an impactful Corporate GIS Strategic Plan.  It is complete with recommendations on GIS Governance, GIS Vision, Goals and Objects, GIS Data Analysis, GIS Software Solutions, GIS Training and Education, and GIS System Architectural Design culminating in a 5 Year Tactical GIS Plan.

Volume II: GIS Strategic Plan

The Plan identifies many initiatives and tasks with estimated costs, however all items require budgetary approval making them and the Plan subject to change.

Year 1 (2015) Initiatives

  1. Obtain an Esri Small Local Government Enterprise Site License: Completed. Deployment process in progress
  2. Deploy a 311GIS solution: In progress
  3. Deploy a full GIS test environment: In progress
  4. Develop a comprehensive GIS Easement Layer: In progress
  5. GIS Governance In progress