Community Improvement Plan

Community Improvement Plan (CIP) supports municipalities to address challenges with planning and financing development activities that effectively use, reuse and restore lands, buildings and infrastructure.

CIPs are shaped by local needs and priorities. Since 2004 Guelph has implemented CIPs that support brownfield redevelopment, downtown renewal and the conservation of designated heritage assets.

As of January 2024, all City of Guelph CIPs have concluded. CIP programming is currently under review through the Economic Development and Tourism Department.

Brownfield Community Improvement Plan

The Brownfield Redevelopment CIP consists of three financial incentive programs that were intended to stimulate private sector investment in the reuse and redevelopment of brownfield sites and partially offset the costs associated with the site assessment and remediation. The City’s first Brownfield CIP was introduced in 2004 and was updated in 2008. The current Brownfield CIP was approved in 2012 with an update in 2018.

Program has concluded or met funding limits

Downtown Guelph Community Improvement Plan

The Downtown Guelph Community Improvement Plan (DGCIP) was introduced in 2010 with an amendment in 2011 to add new activation grants. The DGCIP focuses on delivering municipal incentive programs to support private sector investment in Downtown Guelph. The Downtown Guelph CIP provided funding for facade improvement grants, feasibility study grants and large-scale renovation and redevelopment programs called the minor and major downtown activation grants.

Program has concluded or met funding limits

Heritage Redevelopment Grant

The Heritage Redevelopment Grant was a tax-increment-based grant (TIBG) to support the conservation of designated heritage properties. The grant was used to provide financial assistance to property owners who wish to undertake projects to develop or renovate a property that involves the restoration or refurbishment of protected heritage elements.

Program has concluded or met funding limits

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