Official Plan

The City’s Official Plan is a statement of goals, objectives and policies that guide Guelph’s growth and development in the years leading up to 2031. The Official Plan is developed based on input from the community and is updated every five years. The plan is focused on sustainability and establishes policies that have a positive effect on Guelph’s social, economic, cultural and natural environment. The Official Plan strives to maintain a high quality of life for the residents of Guelph, reduce uncertainty concerning future development, and provides a basis for the Zoning Bylaw and other land use controls.

The Official Plan has been prepared and enacted in accordance with the provisions of the Planning Act. The Official Plan was adopted by City Council on November 1, 1994, approved by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing on December 20, 1995. The Official Plan was comprehensively updated in 2001 and again more recently in three phases:

  • Phase 1: Official Plan Amendment 39 Growth Plan Conformity (approved by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, November 2009)
  • Phase 2: Official Plan Amendment 42 Natural Heritage Strategy (approved by the Ontario Municipal Board, June 2014); and
  • Phase 3: Official Plan Amendment 48 Final Phase of the Five-year Review (approved by the Ontario Municipal Board, October 2017 with the exception of one site specific appeal, one policy appeal and a few policies that are still under appeal on a site specific basis).

The online version of the Official Plan is a consolidation of the Official Plan policies in effect as of June 2021. It is provided for information purposes only. For legal purposes, reference should be made to the original certified documents which are on file with the City Clerk and subsequent Official Plan Amendments. Reference should also be made to all Ontario Land Tribunal (former Ontario Municipal Board or Local Planning Appeal Tribunal) decisions.

It is important to note that the June 2021 consolidation includes all amendments up to OPA 64, as consolidated through the Ontario Municipal Board approval of OPA 48 and includes OPA 65 through OPA 70 and OPA 72 through OPA 75 approved by Guelph City Council.

Alternate formats are available upon request in accordance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005.


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Active Official Plan Files

Active Development Files (Includes Zoning By-law Amendments, Official Plan Amendments and Subdivision files)

Phase 1

Official Plan Amendment Number 39 brought the City’s Official Plan into conformity with the Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe. Official Plan Amendment 39 is approved and is in full force and effect.

Official Plan Amendment 39:Growth Plan conformityPhase 2

Official Plan Amendment Number 42 introduced policies for the Natural Heritage System which establishes a sustainable greenspace network throughout the City.

Official Plan Amendment 42 is approved and is in full force and effect.

Phase 3

Official Plan Amendment Number 48 is the final phase of the Official Plan Update. This phase ensures that the remaining sections of the Official Plan are in conformity with provincial legislation and plans and is consistent with the Provincial Policy Statement. Official Plan Amendment 48 is now in effect with the exception of one site-specific appeal, one policy appeal and a few policies that are still under appeal on a site-specific basis.

Official Plan Amendment 48: Official Plan UpdateFor more information

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