Stormwater Management Master Plan

Stormwater Management Master Plan

Protecting our rivers and groundwater supply

Our Stormwater Management (SWM) Master Plan is a long-term plan for the safe and effective management of stormwater runoff from existing urban areas, while improving the ecosystem health and ecological sustainability of the Eramosa and Speed Rivers and their tributaries. The SWM Master Plan approach is to integrate flood control and stormwater drainage with opportunities to improve and protect groundwater and surface water quality and the natural environment.

Stormwater Management Master Plan

The SWM Master Plan explores, evaluates and identifies innovative approaches to manage stormwater runoff using low impact development and water sensitive urban design for both new construction and existing developed areas.

Stormwater terms and definitions

Stormwater Runoff – rainwater, melted snow or water runs off our roofs, driveways and roads rather than soaking into the ground. It either flows into rivers and waterways or is channelled into storm sewers.

Low Impact Development – is the implementation of small cost-effective project design, building and landscaping features to restore natural water flow.

Water Sensitive Urban Design – is the management of urban water streams (water supply, wastewater and stormwater) to minimize and treat pollution, reduce potable water use, and match different water sources and uses e.g. collecting and using rainwater where appropriate

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