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Tax bills have a new look

Your tax bill looks different in 2023. Please note this new look will not change payment due dates or automatic payment plans.

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Later this year, we’re launching new online self-service tools to help you manage your property taxes. Stay tuned for updates.

How does the City calculate property taxes?

Guelph’s annual budget is just one part of your property tax bill. Property taxes are calculated based on the value of a property, Provincial taxes, (to fund education) and Municipal taxes (to fund Police Fire and Ambulance Service, Roads, Sidewalks, Transit, Parks, Trails, Museums, Recreation Centres, Libraries, and all City programs and services).

This short video explains the relationship between property values and property taxes.

Property taxes: Separating fact from fiction

Where do your tax dollars go?

For every dollar the City collects in property taxes, 17 cents goes to the province to fund education. The remaining 83 cents helps to fund City services and programs. In 2023, the City’s portion of property taxes, $292 million, is allocated as shown below.

Local Boards and Shared Services funding = 34.4%

Department / unit Percentage
Police 19.5%
Library 4.2%
Social Services 8.2%
Public Health 1.5%
Long-Term Care 1%

Corporate and Governance Services = 7.5%

Department / unit Percentage
Mayor and Council 0.4%
Corporate and Governance Services 7.1%

Capital funding = 10.6%

Public Services funding = 37.9%

Department / unit Percentage
Corporate Fleet, Corporate Facilities and Corporate Security 2.7%
Paramedics 2.8%
Fire 10.2%
Transit 8.3%
Recreation 1.5%
Parks 4%
Culture 2.6%
Roads and Sidewalks 5.8%

Infrastructure, Development and Enterprise Services funding = 9.6%

Department / unit Percentage
Engineering 2%
Solid Waste Resources 4.9%
Planning and Building 1.6%
Economic Development and Tourism 0.8%
Parking 0.3%

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How does Guelph compare?

The municipal study by BMA Management Consulting looks at municipalities across Ontario, and shows how Guelph compares to other municipalities when it comes to property values, municipal taxes and more.

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Learn more about BMA Management Consulting.

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