Source water protection for business, builders, developers

Report a spill

Report spills of pollutants (e.g. oil, chemicals) to the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change Spills Action Centre
Toll Free: 1-800-268-6060
TTY: 1-855-889-5775

Activities that can affect Guelph’s water supply

View the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change’s detailed table of drinking water threats

Planning and building permit applications

All planning and building permit applications for properties in wellhead protection areas or intake protection zones must meet the requirements of Guelph-specific policies in the Grand River Source Protection Plan.

If you are planning to use, handle or store materials that could pose a threat to Guelph’s water supply, the City may require you to modify your application. For example, you may need to move the planned location of certain activities, reduce the volume of chemicals stored, or use an alternate chemical. The City may also require a Risk Management Plan before as part of your application.

Local source water protection policies apply to all proposed activities on a property, regardless of its current zoning. For example, a proposed chemical storage facility is subject to the requirements of the Source Protection Plan, even if the property is currently zoned to permit such a facility.

The City cannot approve a planning or building permit application if it does not comply with the policies in the Source Water Protection Plan.

Risk Management Plans

If you use, handle, or store materials that could pose a threat to Guelph’s water supply you may need a Risk Management Plan.

Your plan must demonstrate how you will to mitigate drinking water threats using best management practices. In cases where spill response and other best management practices are already in place, a Risk Management Plan can be simple and straightforward. Plans can be updated as operations change over time. Risk Management Plans are legally binding agreements negotiated between you and the City of Guelph.

Please complete the Section 59 Policy Applicability Review form to determine if you need a Risk Management Plan.

Forms and guidelines

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