Eastview Community Park Master Plan

ReMediate by artist Christina Kingsbury and poet Anna Bowen. Photo by Anna Bowen.

The Eastview Community Park Master Plan process was completed in 2009. Since then, the park is starting to take shape.

Eastview Community Park features

  • Lit and irrigated sport fields, including two football fields and two soccer fields
  • Six beach volleyball courts
  • Washrooms and change rooms opening in 2019
  • Rentable concession stand and storage space
  • Pollinator garden
  • Pollinator park (closed to the public)
  • Trails
  • Preserved wetlands
  • Stormwater management pond
  • Outdoor natural community ice rink (volunteer run)
  • Parking

We’ll be adding new park features as budget becomes available. Amenities we’re planning in the future include:

  • Playground (2019)
  • Mini soccer fields (2019-2020)
  • Bicycle skills facility (2028)
  • Splash pad (date to be determined)

Check out the Eastview Community Park Master Plan

Playground construction

Construction will start in 2019 on a new playground at Eastview Community Park. We want your help from May 13 to 27 to review the design options and tell us:

  • What components you like the most
  • If you prefer a piece of equipment in another park
  • If you would like to see a piece of equipment that makes the playground more accessible

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About Eastview Community Park

Eastview Community Park was a former landfill site located north-west of Eastview Road and Watson Parkway North that opened in 1961. The 85-hectare infill property closed in October 2003 with approximately four million tonnes of solid, non-hazardous waste filling 45 hectares. A cover was installed that capped off the entire landfill portion of the site.In 2002, we prepared concepts of alternatives for the landfill site and asked the public for help choosing what to do with the space. A Community Park was chosen as the preferred concept. At this time, the University of Guelph met with us to discuss the potential for pollinator-friendly initiatives. The former landfill was a great candidate to support pollinator-friendly plantings.

From 2002 to 2008 we developed and installed infrastructure to improve the health and safety of the landfill site for public use, including: a groundwater monitoring network, landfill gas collection system, power generation system and a leachate collection system. The portion of the former landfill site is currently fenced to prevent access and potential damage to this infrastructure.

In 2008, Council approved a final masterplan for the park, and in 2009, they approved a phased funding approach to the park. The final master plan includes an active recreation park and a pollinator park.

For more information

Luke Jefferson, Manager
Open Space Planning, Parks and Recreation
City of Guelph
519-822-1260 extension 2527