City government

Mayor and Council

City Council consists of the Mayor and councillors, two from each of the City’s six wards. Members of Council are elected by residents to a four-year term of office.

Office of the Chief Administrative Officer

Access to information
MFIPPA, PHIPPA, information requests and privacy complaints

Open government

Open government is about the relationship between you and your public servants. It’s about governing with people rather than at people. It’s about building trust and accountability between citizens, elected officials and municipal administration. It’s about modernizing our services with our citizens and businesses in mind. And it’s a long game. A game best played together.

Open government, open innovation

Business service reviews
and internal audits

City Hall

City Hall was completed and open to the public in 2009. Roughly 300 employees moved into the state-of-the-art facility offering many City services in one convenient location.

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Planning and development

Citizens, businesses, community groups are encouraged to participate in City planning decisions to discuss how new developments may affect neighbouring properties and the larger community.

Planning, building and engineering