Zoning By-law

Downtown Zoning By-law update
The City is updating Downtown Zoning By-law regulations and reviewing downtown commercial zones. Click to learn more.
Food Vehicle Zoning Bylaw update
The City is reviewing the Zoning Bylaw, citywide, to permit food vehicles in some zones.
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The City of Guelph Zoning Bylaw (1995) – 14864 was adopted by Guelph City Council on June 19, 1995 and certified by the City Clerk on August 29, 1997.

The Zoning By-law, Schedule “A” – Defined Area Maps and the individual sections of the by-law shown below, have been prepared and consolidated for the purpose of convenience only and are not certified true copies. For accurate reference, consult copies of the official Zoning By-law (1995)-14864 and amending by-laws in Planning Services at City Hall.

Building Services should be consulted regarding inquiries and interpretation of the Zoning By-law.

For generic zones, please see the above sections. In certain instances, special circumstances dictate that variances be allowed to the permitted uses or regulations.These zones are indicated by hyphenated zone designations. Specialized zones are property or area specific.