Property tax bill and payments

Bills and payments

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2017 Final Tax Bill

Mailing date: no later than June 9, 2017

Due date: June 30 and September 29, 2017

Property payments

In person
  • at most financial institutions
  • ServiceGuelph Counter, City Hall (after hours drop box is just west of the main entrance)
  • Wait times are always shorter mid-month. Save yourself time by avoiding the end-ofmonth lineup.
By mail
  • Tax Office, City Hall, 1 Carden Street, Guelph ON N1H 3A1
  • Post dated cheques are accepted and held until due date
Phone or online


The City of Guelph Tax Office charges the following fees:

  • Tax Certificate – $60.00
  • Tax Certificate Rush – $75.00
  • Statement of Account – $25.00
  • Duplicate Tax Bill – $25.00
  • Tax Receipt – $25.00
  • NSF Administration Fee – $40.00
  • PAP Plan (re-join if cancelled) – $25.00
  • Additions to Tax Roll – $50.00
  • Search Tax Information (per property) – $75.00
  • Title Searches – $75.00
  • New Owner Administration Fee – $35.00
  • Tax Sale Registration Administration Fee, setup – $150.00
  • Tax Sale Registration Administration Fee, when registered – $250.00
  • Arrears Notice – $10.00
  • Mortgage Company Processing Fee – $10.00
  • Refunds – $30.00
  • Account Transfer Fee – $25.00
  • Duplicate Capping Reports – $20.00
  • Tax Appeal Application (357 & 358) – $20.00
  • Postdated Cheque Retrieval – $20.00
  • PAP not cancelled Refund – $25.00
  • Duplicate Payment Refund – $25.00
  • Extension Agreement Fee – $500.00

Penalty and interest charges

A penalty for late payment of 1.25% per month is added the day following the due date and the first day of each month thereafter. Payments on accounts are applied first toward the outstanding interest and penalty, then to the oldest outstanding taxes.

Sale of property for non-payment of taxes

If property taxes remain unpaid for a specific period of time the City is authorized, under the Municipal Act, to sell vacant or improved land in any property class. A Tax Arrears Certificate is registered if property taxes are not paid for three years prior to January 1 of any year.

A Tax Arrears Certificate indicates that the property will be sold if all taxes, penalties, interest and reasonable costs incurred by the City are not paid within one year of registration of the certificate. This amount is referred to as the cancellation price. Once a certificate has been registered, partial payments cannot be accepted, but before the expiry of the one year period, a municipality may authorize an extension agreement.

The City may advertise the property for sale for non-payment of taxes if the cancellation price is not paid within one year of registration of the certificate. The advertisement would be published in a local paper for four consecutive weeks and the Ontario Gazette for one week.

Eligible bids must be at least equal to the advertised minimum, which will include all outstanding taxes, interest, costs and Land Transfer Tax if applicable. Using forms provided by the Tax Office, the bid plus a certified cheque for 20% of the tendered amount must be submitted in a sealed envelope before the specified due date.

From the day of notification to the highest bidder, the bidder has 14 days to complete the transaction. All properties sold for non-payment of taxes are sold as is, without warranty.

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