Special events

Special events
Each year the City of Guelph receives many requests from Individuals and groups to operate special events on City-owned property. These events vary in scope, purpose, size, cost and complexity.

The City recognizes special events as an important part of Guelph’s quality of life and as providers of affordable entertainment to its citizens, as indicated by the Corporate Strategic Plan. It is also recognized that special events enhance tourism, culture, recreation, education and provide an economic benefit to businesses in the city of Guelph.

Most special events represent a major investment of time and money. When well conceived and planned, they can bring rewarding dividends to the organizers and the City of Guelph. Successful events require:

  • Responsible leadership
  • Careful planning
  • Good organization
  • Provisions against the unexpected
  • Methodical “follow through” and evaluation

The following information has been compiled as a resource to assist special event organizers with planning and to ensure a safe, successful event. The Special Event User Guide outlines important procedural items, policies and contact information to ensure necessary requirements for events are met.

Please be aware that additional requirements, conditions or permits may be required
depending on the nature, size and scope of the event.

The City’s special events and tournaments coordinator will work with special event organizers throughout the planning process to ensure requirements are met within timelines and questions get answered to ensure an enjoyable event for everyone involved!

General definition of special events

A special event is defined as a one-time, annual or infrequently occurring event on City of Guelph property that is reserved for exclusive use and whose scope may include the following:

  • Celebration of a specific theme
  • Has a pre-determined opening and closing date/time
  • Is available to the community at large
  • Fundraising events designed to generate revenue for non-profit organizations

Note: activities not meeting these criteria may still be permitted to occur as private rental functions and may still be subject to some or all of the policies, procedures and requirements outlined on this site.