City Administrator’s Office

In line with the authorities delegated by City Council, the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) leads the administration of the City of Guelph to achieve its mission to build an exceptional City by providing outstanding municipal service and value.

The CAO liaises with Council, the Executive Team, staff and key stakeholders to ensure the Corporation serves the community’s current and future needs, making a difference in lives locally and globally. The CAO steers the creation of an “open Government”   that embraces greater transparency and accountability to create value for the community.

The Office is responsible for providing information and advice to Council for the purposes of decision making and by-law approvals and facilitates the implementation of Council decisions. A key focus area is setting priorities and measuring performance against goals and objectives of the Corporation. The CAO ensures a forward-thinking and performance-oriented leadership that delivers on the goals set.

With the support of staff, the CAO oversees the development of city assets leveraging partners and opportunities to grow future assessment. The CAO ensures the creation of “next practices” in local government enterprise, stewardship and risk mitigation to bring continuous value and prosperity to the Guelph community.