How to develop a property

Getting started

Guelph’s planning staff is available to discuss your ideas, or your preliminary proposal. We’ll let you know what to expect during the development application process, and tell you what kinds of information, studies, reports and other documents you may need to prepare before you develop a property in Guelph.

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Apply for an Official Plan amendment, Zoning Bylaw amendment, or plan of subdivision

Modify land-use policies, change zoning and/or develop a subdivision.

View applications, forms, guidelines and resources

Apply for site plan approval

Site plan approval ensures site layout, street widening, parking, drainage and landscaping meet Guelph’s planning policies and design requirements.

Site plan control and approval

Apply for a plan of condominium

Section 51(16) of The Planning Act, RSO 1990 c.P. 13 allows the owner of land or the owner’s authorized agent to apply to the City, for approval of a plan of condominium similar to a plan of subdivision.

Guelph City Council is the approval authority for plans of condominium pursuant to Section 51(6) of The Planning Act. The City of Guelph Planning Services oversees the administration of condominium approvals for the City of Guelph. In 2003, Council delegated their approval authority for most condominiums to the General Manager of Planning Services The following procedure for approval of a Plan of Condominium and flow chart are designed to acquaint you with the manner in which the City of Guelph will process your application.

Plan of condominium application

Apply to removal of part lot control

  • Create new lot(s) by changing lot lines shown on registered plan of subdivision
  • Create part lots from whole lots for semi-detached or on-street townhouse units.
  • Create of part lots from whole lots for single detached dwellings.
  • Create of part lots from whole lots and create easements for zero sideyard, single detached dwellings.

Part lot control removal application

Apply for a minor variance or consent

Apply to the Committee of Adjustment for minor zoning changes, sever a lot or convey land

View applications, forms, guidelines and resources

Development resources

Review panels and committees