Pets and animals

Don't forget your pet. Hot cars can kill. Take the pledge at

If you see a dog left alone in a car on a hot day don’t hesitate to call Guelph Police Service at 519-824-1212 and report it.

Protect pets from coyotes

Coyotes find their way to residential areas where they may tear open garbage, cause concern for residents and even come into conflict with pets. Always supervise dogs playing outdoors and keep cats inside.

Learn how to avoid coyote conflicts

City wildlife

Urban wildlife is part of life in Guelph where there are 1,000 hectares of parks and open space at our doorstep. With spring’s thaw, animals emerge from their winter slumber to forage for food.

Learn more about dealing with wildlife

Summer dangers
Keep pets safe from heat stroke, garden hazards and during fireworks.

Be sure to tag
your dog!

Hundreds of stray dogs are impounded every year in Guelph. Providing your dog with proper identification significantly increases the likelihood that your dog will get home promptly in the event that he strays or becomes lost.

Information on dog tags


By-laws pertaining to animals

There are a few licences and by-laws which pertain to animals (and insects) in the City of Guelph.

View by-laws