Downtown Secondary Plan

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Envision Guelph – Downtown Secondary Plan

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The Downtown Secondary Plan is a comprehensive vision for revitalizing downtown Guelph up to 2031. It addresses the requirements of both municipal and provincial growth plans by planning for increased residential development to complement continued commercial and employment growth and cultural activities in the downtown core. The plan is a compelling vision for the downtown core that promotes reconnection to the Speed River as a vital, community-wide asset. It also reinforces the historic character of downtown Guelph while responsibly and creatively planning for growth. In drafting the plan, the City’s planning department extensively consulted with community members and stakeholder groups through open houses and workshop sessions.

Official Plan Amendment No 43: Downtown Guelph Secondary Plan Amendment (November 2016 Consolidation)


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Envision Guelph – Downtown

OMB decision information

The City’s Downtown Secondary Plan, approved by Council on April 30, 2012 and was appealed to the OMB. All outstanding appeals have been resolved and plan is in full force and effect.

For more information regarding the OMB decisions please visit the OMB website and search for case number PL120723.

Downtown Guelph Secondary Plan and Official Plan Amendment Decision Meeting

April 30, 2012

Downtown Guelph Secondary Plan and Official Plan Amendment Public Meeting

November 7, 2011

The statutory Public Meeting was held on Monday, November 7th, 2011. At that meeting Council heard public delegations on the Official Plan Amendment, asked questions of clarification and identify any planning issues. A staff report was received and no decisions were made at the meeting. The staff report including a full analysis of issues and comments was released publicly on October 28, 2011.

Public Open House

May 20, 2011

Secondary Plan Study and Proposed Secondary Plan- March 11 Draft for Review

March 2011

The Downtown Guelph Secondary Plan Study and Proposed Secondary Plan is being released to solicit feedback from the public, agencies and stakeholders. The Study, along with comments received, will provide the basis for Staff to prepare the Official Plan Amendment to be brought forward later this year.

The document includes three parts:

  • Part A sets the planning context for the Secondary Plan. It describes the process that led to the Plan and provides an overview of existing policy documents and physical conditions to which the Secondary Plan responds.
  • Part B describes and illustrates the long-term vision for Downtown Guelph that provides the basis for the Secondary Plan.
  • Part C constitutes the actual draft Secondary Plan. It begins with the overarching objective and general principles that underpin the Plan. The bulk of Part C describes the intended physical framework for Downtown Guelph, in terms of public transit, streets, open spaces and land use.

Downtown Secondary Plan Study and Proposed Secondary Plan – March 2011

Draft Downtown Directions Document

August, 2010

An Open House was held on September 15, 2010 to discuss the proposed Downtown Secondary Plan called Envision Guelph Downtown. The focus of this event was on the Draft Downtown Directions Document which will guide the development of the Downtown Secondary Plan.

Envision Guelph Downtown and the Downtown Secondary Plan

As Guelph continues to grow, the City is planning for more homes, businesses and jobs downtown. The Downtown Secondary Plan will provide a long-term vision for future development.