Water Supply Master Plan

Water Supply Master Plan Update (2013)

The City of Guelph is updating its Council-approved Water Supply Master Plan to define how we will continue to access a sustainable supply of water—for residential and industrial use—over the next 25 years.

Reviewing our existing water supply system is an opportunity to discuss with the community how best to manage this vital supply so that we continue to provide the high level of service Guelph residents have come to expect.

Today, our existing water supply fulfills the City’s commitment to provide a safe and reliable supply of water. Our updated Master Plan will provide short-term, mid-term and long-term water supply options to meet Guelph’s predicted demand for water in the future.

When investigating existing and new water supply options—like new groundwater sources in and outside of the City and local surface water sources—we’ll consider things like water quality and quantity, economic factors, and any relevant regulations. Regardless of source, our water supply will continue to meet the service requirements of the Guelph community and the high regulatory standards of the Ministry of the Environment.

In Guelph we depend mostly on groundwater for our water supply so we know it makes sense to use our water wisely. Conservation and demand management will be as important during this Master Plan Update as they were during the 2007 Water Supply Master Plan. We are committed to using less water per capita than comparable Canadian cities! Since 2006, because of our many successful water conservation initiatives, we have reduced our per capita water use by nine per cent—meaning that we now use about 20 per cent less water in Guelph than the average person in Ontario.

Our review will follow the requirements of a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (Class EA). When we are finished—after our Water Supply Master Plan Update is reviewed by the Guelph community and approved by Council—we will have identified constraints and opportunities related to our existing water supply system. We’ll also have evaluated and prioritized a number of individual projects to increase the capacity of our existing system.

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Join the conversation

We understand that good planning involves the community and we want to hear from you! Here are a few ways you can get involved in the process:

  • Attend our Community Forums and let us know what you think. Dates for these meetings will be publicized in the City News Pages (Guelph Tribune), provided through direct mail and posted on this webpage.
  • Read about our progress. Project information will be posted on this webpage.
  • Join our mailing list. Send us your name and how you would like to be contacted (i.e., email or mail) so we can keep you informed.
  • Follow the conversation on the City of Guelph’s Twitter and Facebook pages.

To find out more about the Water Supply Master Plan Update or to get involved, contact:

Dave Belanger
Water Supply Program Manager
City of Guelph
519-822-1260 extension 2186
Patty Quackenbush
Senior Project Engineer