Diversity Strategy

Diversity. It makes a difference.

Diversity: People, Practices, Community

Almost 2,000 employees across our departments serve the needs of our city’s residents every day. As the Corporation of the City of Guelph, we pride ourselves on creating an inclusive culture of respect and collaboration for our workforce.

The City of Guelph understands that valuing diversity helps to strengthen our people and practices, making the services we offer more reflective of our community. Valuing diversity helps us to build a shared sense of community well-being and supports a thriving and diversified local economy.

It is our goal on our journey to becoming one of Guelph’s top employers, that a respect for diversity, in all its shapes and forms, is reflected in our people, our practices and the way that we deliver services in our community.

As an employer, we are committed to:

  • Developing opportunities that promote the attraction, recruitment, development and retention of staff in a manner that will support a workforce that is reflective of our community.
  • Creating a fair and equitable workplace with employment systems that allow everyone to participate fully and with respect for their diversity.
  • Achieving excellence in our service delivery, and to engaging with the community to provide quality, innovative services that are valued by our stakeholders.

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