79 Carden Street

Bylaw: (2013) – 19615

Legal description: Part of Market Place (aka Jubilee Park), Plan 8, Part 39 of 61R11523

Designated portions

The following elements of 79 Carden Street are to be protected under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act, R.S.O. 1990, Chapter O.18.:


  • All Exterior brick and stone walls of the building;
  • The roofline over the entire building, including the campanile tower and the brick chimney;
  • All original exterior woodwork (including soffits and extended eaves with rafter tails);
  • All door and window openings;
  • All wood sash windows;
  • Ceramic tile floor of loggia at front door under tower.


  • Original ceramic tile floor and decorative border;
  • Original coved ceiling in the Waiting Room.

It is intended that non-original features may be returned to documented earlier designs or to their documented original form without requiring City Council permission for an alteration to the designation.

Property history

The Guelph Train Station Building has design value or physical value because:

  • The Station’s architectural design and combination of materials are unique to Guelph;
  • It is representative of stations built by the Grand Trunk Railway in Canada and the United States in the early 20th century; and
  • The brick and stone masonry on the station was carried out with a high degree of craftsmanship.

The building has historical value or associative value because the Station has direct associations with the development of rail travel and related industries in Guelph, the western expansion of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway and to municipal “boosterism”, as railway stations were a source of pride for communities across Ontario.

The building has contextual value because the Station remains an integral part of Guelph’s core urban landscape and continues to play an active part in the City’s transportation network for commuters using VIA Rail and GO Transit service. The Station is also one of several highly visible landmark buildings in the Carden Street/Wyndham Street heritage streetscapes.