40 Albert Street

Bell-Carlton House

Bylaw: (1979)-10058

Legal description: Lot 16, Plan 37

Designated portions

The whole of the limestone front portion of the residence is designated by this by-law, with the exception of the back wall which is built into three other portions of the house. The central frame section to the rear is designated, as is the restoration work and original interior details within the building.

It was built with local limestone, pointed to appear as broken-coursed ashlar masonry. The Guelph Arts Council Heritage Awards gave its restoration a citation in 1978.

Property history

Matthew Bell, accomplished local stone carver and masonry contractor, built this house c. 1872, although there is a possibility that the frame central section is of an earlier date. It is one of a series of notable stone houses which Bell constructed in Guelph. The distinguished scale and proportion of the building have been enriched with fine sculptural details in stone, including the window lintels, the ornate framing of the central doorway, and the three carved stone heads. The owner at the time of designation, Professor R. Carlton, has taken great care in repairing the masonry and in restoring the original architectural fabric of both the interior and exterior. The house received the 1977 Award of Merit from the Guelph Arts Council for the quality of the restoration work which has been undertaken.