7 Waterloo Avenue

Bylaw: (1989)-13198

Legal dDescription: Pt Lot 128, Plan 8, together with and subject to ROW

Designated portions

  • All of the front façade, including the south-east facing front slope of the roof to the peak. The roof may be returned to an earlier authenticated material without requiring permission under Section 33 of the Ontario Heritage Act, R.S.O. 1980.
  • Both end walls, including parapets above the roof level, and the integral chimneys.

Property history

This two-storey limestone building was built in 1853 for William Samuel Goodwin Knowles. It is a fine example of early stone construction in Guelph and an important unit in a block built almost entirely before Confederation. The building was originally used as Mr. Knowles’ grocery store with living quarters above.

Mr. Knowles served as a town councilor in 1852 and 1853 and as Guelph’s third reeve in 1854. He owned this property until his death in 1887.

The designation includes all of the front façade, including the southeast facing front slope of the roof to the peak, and both end walls, including parapets. The r