15 Oxford Street

Perry-Scroggie House

Bylaw: (1983)-11115

Legal description: Pt Lot 692, Plan 8

Designated portions

The presently-exposed portions of the stone structure at the front of the property, including its twelve-pane, shuttered windows, its front door with transom and side-lights, its roof form and profile and its three brick chimneys which are presently parged.

Property history

The Regency-styled cottage at 15 Oxford Street is one of the finest mid-nineteenth century stone cottages in the city. It was built c. 1862 for James Perry. In addition to its fine general proportions, its distinguishing features include the unusually tall twelve-pane shuttered windows and the handsomely-designed entrance door with transom and side-lights. The building has been well cared for and retains its original character.

For over sixty years, this was the residence of the David Scroggie family. During the 1880’s and 1890’s, Scroggie served as an alderman and as City Treasurer. His daughter, Miss M.A. Scroggie, was one of the leading Guelph artists at the turn of the century and on occasion used this home to display her paintings.

The designation covers the presently-exposed exterior of the stone structure with its roof profile and three chimneys of parged brick. It does not include the brick addition built at the rear at a later date.