264 Woolwich Street

Bylaw: (1979)-10058

Legal description: Lot 58, Pt Lot 42, Plan 35

Designated portions

The exterior of the two-storey stone section of the residence is designated by this by-law, including carved stone ornamentation, the front doors and front windows. The stone parapet wall which surrounds the front yard, topped with cast-iron cresting and terminated by monolithic stone piers, is also designated. Later single-storey additions on the south and west walls are not included in the designation.

Property history

Built about 1858-1859, this well-proportioned two-storey house provides a unique example of the richly-carved stone ornamentation characteristic of Italianate Style in Guelph’s mid-19th Century architecture. The impressive carved forms used as lintels and enrichments for the façade have been attributed to the Guelph sculptor Matthew Bell, and reflect his distinguished craftsmanship. These features are rarely found elsewhere in the Province. A fine stone parapet wall, topped with cast-iron cresting, parallels the street. Its gateposts and termination piers are each formed from single massive blocks of stone. The interior of the house retains portions of its original detailing. The 19th-Centruy double door and window sash contribute to the period character of the front façade.