341 Forestell Road

Bylaw: (2003)-17260

LegaldDescription: Part Lot 17, Concession 4 (formerly Puslinch Township), designated as Parts 6, 7 and 8, Reference Plan 61R-8733

Designated portions

The designation applies to:

  • The front and side exterior walls of the building. Specific features covered by the designation are:
  • The front and side exterior walls of handmade red brick;
  • The elevations and rooflines of the front and side walls;
  • The front gable and gothic arched window;
  • All mouldings on the eaves, gable and cornices;
  • The front door, entranceway and surrounding transom and sidelights;
  • Original windows and surrounds; and
  • Wood elements of the front porch.

It is intended that any non-original features may be returned to their documented original form without requiring City Council permission for an alteration to the designation.

Property history

The house situated at 341 Forestell Road is one of the best examples of an important style of local farmhouse in the mid to late 19th century, usually referred to as the “Ontario House”. One of the oldest brick houses in what was Puslinch Township, it is beautifully proportioned, well built and well preserved. It is worthy of designation through the Ontario Heritage Act.

This farmhouse was built sometime in the mid 1860s, most likely 1866 or 1867, on a 100 acre farm property first owned by Benjamin Parker. The Parkers are listed as one of the two earliest Pioneer families in this part of Puslinch Township, having arrived in the area as early as 1843. Benjamin Parker sold the farm in 1879 to Thomas Evans and over the next few decades it passed through a variety of hands. In 1967 the farm was sold to the most recent owners, Dr. John and Joan Crawley. Dr. Crawley is a former reeve of Puslinch Township.

The design is typical of a vernacular style popular in rural Ontario in the 19th century. It combines the symmetrical proportions of Classical design in the layout, and the romanticism of the Gothic in the front gable and gable window.

The house is built of local handmade bricks and is now a rare example of Puslinch Township settlers’ skill in design, building and brick making. To retain the heritage value of this property, the designation includes all brickwork and the overall shape and roofline on the front and side elevations of the house. Among the features designated is the front gable which includes a gothic arched window, all eave, verge and gable mouldings, boxed cornices and decorative elements. The front door including transom and sidelights, all original window elements and all wooden elements of the front porch are also incorporated into the designation.